Main Street Baptist Church
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
You want Christian Fellowship?  We have it right here!  If you want to meet other Christian students and grow in your faith, come with us.
             Campus Ambassadors National Website          
   Chris                  Chiara             Peter
   607.434.8388                           518-719-5602                   607-435-3669
                            First Two Meetings of the year at SUNY Oneonta
                         Wednesday nights at 7:30pm Aug. 31 & Sept. 7
                       Center for Multicultural Experiences (CME) Lee Hall
                                            Also, at Hartwick College
                                       Monday afternoons 12:30 - 1:30
                                       Shineman Chapel - Prayer Room
Bluefields Cafe      40 Walnut St.  
Every Saturday during the school year we get together to hang out, game nights, parties, jam fests, whatever we decide to do.  
7:30pm   Aug. 31    CME - Know the love of God 
 6:30pm  Sept. 14  Bluefields Dinner & Fellowship
7:30pm   Sept. 7     CME - After Expo Party  6:30pm  Sept. 21  Bluefields Dinner & Fellowship
CA Dinner and Fellowship       
Each Wednesday we have dinner at the Bluefields Cafe at 6:30pm.  Then we praise and worship, learn from the Bible, talk things over in small groups.  Sometimes we have testimonies and skits.  Hang out afterward, too.  This is where Christians and people who want to know more about the Lord can get together.
Each Wednesday a home cooked meal and fellowship  6:30 to 8:30pm at Bluefields
   Fri-Sat November  4-6 - CA Fall Retreat

We are recognized and funded by the SA at Oneonta State and the Student Senate at Hartwick College. 
Special Events!  We like to have fun and include other   
people.  So we have a hike each fall, Murder Mystery Night, Halloween Party, Girls Night Out and our Dodgeball Tournament. We look for ways to include people, make them feel welcome and present alternatives on Halloween and St. Patrick's Day.  
Leadership Development  Our students provide ideas, passion and energy for our ministry.  Our leadership team meets to pray, plan and evaluate our work for the Lord, to make it fun and fruitful.  Elected officers and anyone willing to help can serve.
Small Groups We get into small groups at our Wednesday nights and Monday afternoon gatherings. This gives everyone a place to process what are learning about the Lord.  and share your ups and downs, or help reach out to others who are on their way to finding out about Jesus?  A small group
who are on their way to finding out about Jesus?  A small group might be just the thing for you.
Fall Retreats combine us with other CA ministries in New York, Massachussetts. This one will be just over an hour from Oneonta at Camp Pinnacle. It is great to get off campus and get to know Christians from your own campus a lot better and meet others from our region in a beautiful, relaxed setting.  We will experience God in this wonderful place.  Be sure to come! 
                        November 4-6th  Save the Date! 
We have Mission Trips to Nicaragua or Costa Rica  where we help to build a school, church or farm project with them. The best part is working together and getting to know the people down there.
We have our Winter Retreat  in February or March.  Come and grow in the Lord and play outside in the snow, or stay inside near the fireplace.  The hot chocolate is always ready!  This weekend our group will get to know each other better.
 The Crossing
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The Crossing, a Sunday evening worship service for college students and young adults @ main street baptist church